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"You can love someone so much…
But you can never love people as much as you can miss them."

- John Green (via synthopia)

"He was my first real love and I doubt I’ll ever be able to find love like that again."

- (via nikkitcasooa)


Sometimes when I’m lying in bed at night..actually most time when I’m lying in bed at night, I miss you. Not the ordinary I-miss-you type of thing where I wish you were here with me. But the type of miss that feels like a part of me is missing. As if it’s gone and I need it back. That’s the type of miss I feel. It’s not an I-want-you-with-me; it’s an I-need-you-with-me!



- I miss you (via itstriggerr)


Even now,
after everything,
I still pick out
little things in
my day to day
I want to share with you.

Even now,
after last weekend,
I keep thinking about you,
and forget you
feel differently than me;
forget that you
don’t want me.

Even now,
after my heart
splintered and shattered;
after I know you
cannot, and will not
pick up my pieces,
I still dream of us together.

"When want and need become
one and the same; it is the most beautiful,
and painful, feeling.
You could have it all
or nothing
with just one person."

- ElzaroIt’s late and I can’t sleep for missing you (3rd February 2014)